How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Sainsbury’s?

As a leading UK retailer, there are currently a wide variety of job vacancies available at Sainsbury’s – thanks to the supermarket brand’s focus on expansion and improvement.

Of course, while we are always striving to create opportunities for individuals of all kinds and from all different backgrounds, there are certain sets of rules, laws and restrictions by which we must abide.

So, if you’re planning on seeking out supermarket jobs at Sainsbury’s, what age must you be to have an application accepted? In this article, we’ll explain the answer to this question as well as exploring the availability of student supermarket jobs and why they may be a good fit around your lifestyle and studies.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Sainsbury’s? 

UK regulations mean when it comes to supermarket jobs, the age at which it is legal for you to work varies depending on the official regional school leaving age.

This is different in England, Scotland and Wales and details of each can be found here on the website. Be sure to consult this information thoroughly before applying in order to avoid disappointment.

Are There Any Age-related Limitations for Working at Sainsbury’s?

For those seeking Sainsbury’s supermarket jobs, age also plays a factor when it comes to the times of day during which you can work. For example, those under 18 are not permitted to work before 6am or after 11pm.

It is specified that only people of 18 years old or above can become drivers for Sainsbury’s – and positions in Sainsbury’s convenience stores can only be undertaken by over 18-year-olds.

It is important to remember that, across the UK, it is illegal to serve alcohol or cigarettes, or to operate heavy machinery, if you are under 18. For this reason, Sainsbury’s are unable to hire convenience store workers below this age.


Can You Work at Sainsbury’s Whilst In Education?

There are many reasons why you might consider a job with Sainsbury’s whilst studying at college, university or any other form of education. Part-time work is often available throughout term-time with the option of increasing your hours during the holidays.

Taking on employment at these times means that you can better support yourself financially as you work towards your qualifications. It also means that you will have developed valuable skills, such as customer service and time management, making you much more employable once you graduate.

Furthermore, you’ll have a foot in the door of a major UK company as soon as you graduate, allowing you to pursue an exciting career immediately without the stress of job seeking.

As Sainsbury’s has stores across the country – many within less than a mile of one another – commuting time and costs are likely to be minimal too. Part-time supermarket jobs can be flexible, so you can fit your employment around study and extracurricular activities.

To conclude, you can only apply for positions at Sainsbury’s once you have left school. The specific age at which you may do so differs depending on whether you reside in England, Scotland or Wales.

Benefits of being a young worker at Sainsbury’s include a set minimum rate of pay – £9.20 per hour – whatever your age. You’ll also develop valuable skills that will make you highly employable in the future, and will be able to better support yourself financially – whether or not you decide to enter higher education and work while you study.

Sainsbury’s provides practical work that fits around your lifestyle and other commitments, with great flexibility and little to no travel costs.

To apply for a job with Sainsbury’s simply visit our recruitment site now and search by job title, keywords or location.