Software Engineering & Architecture

In Software Engineering and Architecture, we’re doing the work that decides the way the world shops tomorrow. Join us and you’ll explore new, inventive ways to delight our customers – harnessing emerging technologies to do just that.

Our software engineers are transforming the technology that underpins our business, moving from batch-based systems to service and event-driven solutions. Meanwhile, our architects are working with engineering teams to design a modern eco-system fit for today and the future. 

We use over 600 products and services across our business, and we’re developing more all the time. And the new platforms we’re building, with a cloud first approach and automation at the forefront, are transforming everything we do as a business.

For our customers this means we’re revolutionising the touchpoints and services that underpin their journeys with us – from the technology that drives our groceries website, and the shopping experience inside our stores, to the mobile services they can access on-the-go. And for our colleagues, it means we’re continually improving our tools and processes, allowing them to use data and technology to offer the top notch service our customers have come to expect. 

As we become increasingly reliant on leading tech, investment in our engineering teams is increasing rapidly. They’re putting us at the forefront of the digital world, and so could you.

Be one of our software engineers, solution architects, or take on another crucial role in one of our great tech hubs in London, Manchester or Coventry. Here, we’ll empower you to make decisions, take ownership and have accountability. And you’ll be part of a community that’s underpinned not only by innovation but by trust.