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Senior Analytics Manager

The Role

In a nutshell

As a group made up of the one of the largest Grocery retailers in the UK, a leading digital retailer and a large scale, wholly owned retail bank and loyalty programme, Sainsbury’s Argos is a hugely data rich business. Data is curated from customers, suppliers, colleagues and our varied and extensive operations and the group is passionate about extracting the maximum possible value from this data to deliver the best customer experience across our businesses and channels.

As a Senior Analytics Manager you will be responsible for ensuring that the Analysts in the Applied Data Analytics team are using cutting edge tools and techniques to produce analytics outputs of the highest quality to drive commercial results for our business. You will do this by:

• Leading a large team of analysts in converting commercial questions into analytical tasks that can deliver tangible commercial value – perfect is the enemy of done
• Putting in place development plans that consistently and continually improve the analytics capability and skill in the team
• Coaching and guiding the analysts in the methodologies and tools that they use and the art of storytelling with data
• Ensuring that the customer is kept at the heart of decision making

What I need to do

Leadership – an analytics team that does great analytics and rewards with awesome career opportunities

• Lead a team of analytics managers and data analysts: efficient, accurate and pacey delivery of analytics that identify and drive commercial value is the order of the day. Sainsbury’s colleagues have lots of questions that they want data to answer and the Principal Portfolio Product Manager will turn this into a prioritised backlog. Your job is to make sure that anyone in your team has the tools and capability to smash the delivery of this.
• Develop your team’s capability by being close to the “How” of their delivery: which methods and which tools for which use case with a healthy dose of how to tell a great story using data.
• Champion career progression for your team: we believe that at Sainsbury’s, an Analyst can build the strongest of data CVs whether your interest is in deep technical experience as an individual contributor or as a future leader – your job is to support your team in making this a reality.

Stakeholder management – evangelical about the use of data with a pragmatic understanding of urgency vs. perfect, beautiful maths

• Develop & maintain relationship with stakeholders at all levels: this is a senior role and as a subject matter expert, you’ll support your team by understanding the art of the possible in the functions that we work with so that you can influence our approach with stakeholders and also ask the questions that agitate our stakeholders to think differently.
• Know our business: You’ll have a great analytical pedigree and we want you to think about how you apply that in the context of Sainsbury’s – getting to know how we operate is key so you can have informed opinions on where analytics will make a difference.
• Be an ambassador: As a centralised function, we are at the centre of the Data and Analytics community.
Playing as one team – we are a team of multiple disciplines and we work in a matrix so we win together
• Shaping our strategy: we constantly inspect and adapt to make sure our efficiency of delivery is always improving. You’ll be part of the leadership team that shapes our ways of working which requires that they work for your team, the other teams and the matrix virtual teams. 
• Knowing your field: Our Principal Portfolio Product Managers keep our stakeholders (customers) close at heart. They know their strategy, visions, KPIS, pain points and their wildest desires. As part of the Senior Leadership Team, you will help us sort out what is what – which disciplines do we need to solve a particular problem and how we will put together a resource plan that lets us do that. 

How I will succeed

Success looks like a team that converts questions into analytical task and uses appropriate methods and tools to deliver before telling the data led story of the outcome. We’re analytical by nature so the measures of this will be:

• Capability development: your team need access to the tools most fit for the ask and need to be skilled in a range of methodologies they can use, so that they can choose the approach that best fits the aim. A good measurable here would be strong development plans for all analytics team members and a rigorous, constructive and critical appraisal of outputs.
• Personal Development: we want our colleagues to have satisfying, rewarding careers at Sainsbury’s. Creating opportunities and being considered in how and where you can drive your team to help them grow is a must. Team happiness is also key – a happy team is also a productive, engaged team.
• Outputs: Results are important – we’re an agile organisation so we’re looking to deliver incremental value at pace. In the case of your team, this means they answer questions with clear, well-articulated stories that really identify opportunity and drive change and that they underpin these with analytically robust evidence.
• Happy customers: Delivering on the above will make this a walk in the park – we exist to support our customers (who are our stakeholders).

What I need to know

You’ll need to demonstrate:
• A curious and inquisitive mind: What drives a business like ours? How could we improve it? What data would you want? What would you change about what we do to get a better outcome? These would all be good questions.
• The art of storytelling: We love data and deriving value from it. The key to the value is in being able to build and tell compelling stories based on the data that’s been interrogated.
• Experience and understanding of using the analytics tools of choice: we know that Python is more widely adopted each year so your job will be to phase out the use of R whilst scaling up the use of Python and unifying the team so that you foster an environment where our analysts can learn from each other.
• Experience and understanding of wider tooling and tech stack: AWS and Microstrategy are our weapons of choice. Ideally you have experience in both of these, but at the minimum, comparable technologies (e.g. Azure, GCP, Tableau)
• Version Control “I got an awesome answer to this question but I can’t quite find the code”. A phrase we never want to hear - you’ll have used Git and be keen to drive usage in your team so we have a robust, versioned and traceable codebase.
• We use agile methods and principles. So ideally, you’ll have worked in Kanban, Scrum or, if you’re a ninja, both. We use Confluence and Jira to help us so again, experience in either or again, if you’re a ninja, both would be helpful.
• Confidence in dealing with complexity & / or ambiguity

What I need to show

Over & above what you need to know, you will need to show:
• Retail is simple in principle but complex in detail: we want someone who can convert our complex world into solvable, data and analytics problems whilst demonstrating commercial awareness & judgement.
• Technical leadership: You’ll be effective in motivating and leading a team and you’ll also have the technical capability to continuously drive that team’s levels of skill.
• Infectious enthusiasm for supporting others to learn: from the “What I need to know”, you’ll see we want a strong technical leader. The other side to this is that we want someone who is passionate about education and training so they can drive the standards in the tools and areas above in their team and so that their team is seen as the role model for analytics.
• Drive & ambition, with the ability to challenge the norm in a confident yet constructive manner
• The ability to relate data / analytics to real-world business problems & coach those around you to develop this skill
• A proactive attitude, someone who thrives on embracing change in a fast moving environment positively impacting & influencing change at senior levels
• Be available, approachable & recognised as an analytical sounding board

Resources available to me

• A lovely team of analysts with varying levels of experience & expertise
• A whole bunch of tools and tech but primarily, AWS (and associated suite), Git, Python, Microstrategy
• A supportive leadership team which is always there to help you with advice & support

What decisions I can make

• How to turn our complex problems into questions that we can answer with data
• How to tell the story of the answer and data
• How to recruit, develop, train and unify your team
• How to drive analytical awesomeness into the areas you work with