What’s Involved in a Store Colleague Job at Sainsbury’s?

store colleague job

Sainsbury’s store colleague roles are plentiful and their duties can be extremely interesting, challenging and varied. 

Applicants’ suitability for these types of positions is often gauged through an analysis of their personal strengths and abilities rather than their previous employment experience. This means that most people can apply for the larger percentage of store colleague positions, regardless of their employment record. 

So how do you do that, and what is involved in a job of this kind?

In this article, we’ll explain how to become a store colleague. We’ll also discuss what types of store colleagues there are, what they do in terms of day to day duties and what skills applicants are required to have in order to be successful.

What Does a Sainsbury’s Store Colleague Do?

So what does a sales assistant do? What are the duties of a food services assistant or an online assistant? Here, the Sainsbury’s recruitment site provides an informative description of the store colleagues umbrella.

The term “store colleague” does not only describe one job. It is an umbrella term that may refer to Trading Assistants, Service Assistants, GM and Clothing Assistants, Food Service Assistants or Online Assistants.

Every one of these jobs has customer service and support at its heart, but the precise day to day tasks of each can differ. 

For further details of the duties required within each position, simply conduct a search and take a few minutes to read through each job description and person specification to find out whether that particular Sainsbury’s store colleague role would be right for you.

What Skills are Required For a Store Colleague Job?

Wondering how to become a store colleague? The good news is that anyone over school leaving age can apply! Experience of sales assistant jobs or similar roles is not necessary (though it may help). The vital thing is that you tick as many boxes as possible when it comes to the person specification.

In order for your application to be successful, it’s important to note that we are always looking for people who are:

  • Confident
  • Motivated and ambitious
  • Capable of taking the initiative and improvising but also listening carefully and responding well to instructions
  • Always striving to do their best
  • Determined, dedicated and tenacious

What Does the Day-To-Day Role Involve?

In the majority of store colleague roles, including sales assistant jobs, food services positions and most others, it’s likely that you’ll be required to do the following every day:

  • Assist customers and respond to their enquiries
  • Ensure that the displays and shelves in store remain neat, tidy, clean and fully stocked

Depending on your precise position, you may also be required to complete paperwork, to talk to customers on the phone and to scan products and process payments.

You’ll always be supported be a team of colleagues who will work with you to ensure that the day to day running of your store, and the quality of the customer experience you provide, is the best it possibly can be.

You’ll receive thorough training and support from Customer and Trading managers and other colleagues throughout your time at Sainsbury’s.

Due to the customer facing nature of all store colleague positions, every day will be different. Whichever role you choose, you’ll develop superb transferrable skills and discover your potential – with the opportunity for progression ever-present throughout your Sainsbury’s career.

Being a Sainsbury’s store colleague is an option that is open to almost anyone. The role involves helping customers and keeping your store performing well – from organisation and cleanliness to quality and speed of service.

It provides the perfect opportunity to grow and develop professionally, with many positions available as part of the umbrella that will suit individuals with all kinds of interests and experience.

So only the question of how to become a store colleague remains – and the answer is simple. Once you’ve had a look through the available positions in your local area, just decide which job you think best suits you and then complete the relevant application in detail before submitting it.To apply for any store colleague position, visit our recruitment page now and search by job title, keywords or location.