Working as a Customer and Trading Manager at Sainsbury's

Opportunities regularly arise for the right candidates to take on Customer and Trading Manager positions at Sainsbury’s retail outlets across the country.

These roles are wonderfully varied and offer new opportunities every day. They’re especially suitable for those looking for a job in management, who thrive when organising and motivating a team. 

The perfect individual to take on customer and trading manager duties is someone who enjoys working in a customer-facing environment and who actively seeks out opportunities to bring momentum to the store in which they work as well as the wider business as a whole.

So what is a customer and trading manager? In this article, we will explain a little more about what is involved in this role and why you may just be the perfect candidate.

What is a Customer and Trading Manager and What Do They Do?

The chief role of a Customer and Trading Manager at Sainsbury’s is to take charge of a team of store colleagues with the purpose of ensuring that their branch performs well.

They are in charge of promoting a great customer experience for all who visit the store, and must ensure that this approach is instilled in all of their colleagues. To this end, they must coach other staff to work well with customers and support them towards this end in their growth and development.

It’s important that Customer and Trading Managers are always proactive when working to ensure that their store – and their team – performs to the highest standard. They must always try to think of new methods to improve the quality of their branch.

They must be motivated to drive sales and find new opportunities to do so.

Scheduling is a vital part of the Customer and Trading Manager role, as they will need to find time to train staff as well as regularly working on promoting and improving the business.

As the leader of a team, their focus must be evenly spread across all members so that each of their colleagues is performing well and providing the best possible customer experience.

What Skills are Required for a Customer and Trading Manager Job?

While retail experience is beneficial when applying to be a Customer and Trading Manager at Sainsbury’s, it isn’t vital. Our recruiters are more likely to prioritise individuals with the right overall skillset. You should apply to become a Customer and Trading Manager if you:

  • Have strong leadership skills which you look forward to developing further
  • Are confident in supporting and influencing colleagues and motivated to offer exciting challenges to them
  • Have superb communication skills and the ability to motivate colleagues
  • Are a driven individual with an ambition to succeed
  • Know how to plan effectively, work flexibly and to approach tasks with an open mind
  • Feel assured in your ability to make tough decisions on behalf of a team
  • Can work in a quick and efficient manner on your own initiative
  • Have good knowledge of how to drive sales
  • Are willing to be hands-on and lead from the front, demonstrating great service and attention to detail
  • Are excited to always learn and develop new skills and to pass those skills on to others
  • Will enjoy assisting colleagues with all kinds of tasks throughout your store

Why Work as a Customer and Trading Manager?

There are numerous resources available to those who work in this position. For a start, the role is well supported by store line managers who will offer guidance throughout your time with the company.

You’ll also have the advantage of ready-developed performance and development plans – both for yourself and the staff you manage – that you can build on to create the perfect in-store experience.

What’s more, the career progression opportunities for Customer and Trading Managers are superb, allowing you to move up through the company as you develop your skills.

What are The Benefits of Working as a Customer and Trading Manager?

The perks of the Customer and Trading Manager role are considerable. When working in this position, you may be offered

Explain that there are multiple benefits Sainsbury’s could offer which include:

  • A night shift premium of £4,500
  • A discount card awarding you 10% off your Sainsbury’s shopping, 10% off at Argos and 25% off at Habitat once you have completed 12 weeks in your role
  • A great annual bonus scheme based on your individual contributions to the company
  • A pension scheme where your contributions are matched by up to 7.5% by the company
  • Discounted shares in Sainsbury’s via the Sharesave scheme
  • The hire of a brand new bike and cycling equipment as a part of Sainsbury’s Cycle To Work scheme
  • Opportunities to save on leisure activities through the Sainsbury’s Social Association, including discounted gym memberships, restaurants, holidays, retail vouchers and more.

For those who are ready to pursue a thrilling and varied career within management, leadership and customer service, the role of Customer and Trading Manager at Sainsbury’s may be perfect for you.

From the motivation and management of your team to the promotion of your store, you’ll be kept busy throughout every shift with challenges to tackle and schedules to organise. There will be something exciting and fulfilling in this role every day for the right individual.

In order to apply for Customer and Trading Manager job vacancies, simply visit our recruitment site today and search for the position in your local area.