Sainsbury's Bank
Customer & Trading Manager
Bob Troisi
What I enjoy most about working for Sainsbury's is getting involved with all the charity work we do."

A little bit about..

Bob has been at Sainsbury’s for 4 and a half years, and worked in a range of retail roles. He loves getting to know customers and colleagues alike.

My Story

“I’ve been working for Sainsbury’s for 4 and a half years and coming into retail was a big change for me. I’d spent most of my life in logistics and had my own business, but due to ill health, I lost sight in one of my eyes and that was the end of my career in transport.

“It was tough, looking for a new job with a disability and I had to take a lot of rejections. I started to work with Remploy who help disabled people back into work, and they encouraged me to make an application for a new Sainsbury’s Local opening in my area. Sainsbury’s saw beyond my disability and gave me an opportunity and it’s been a great journey so far. I’ve made some good friends, progressed my way up to Customer & Trading Manager and trained other colleagues who’ve gone on to be Store Managers and that in itself is a great feeling, knowing you’ve had a part to play in someone else’s journey too.

“I love meeting new people, a lot of the time the people that come into our shop need a familiar face and I’m always so happy to help and have a chat. I think the variation of the work and the new people you’re meeting is what keeps it interesting. That, and knowing you’re working somewhere that will give everyone a fair crack at the whip, no matter your background or where you’re from.

“What I enjoy most about working for Sainsbury’s is getting involved with all the charity work we do. I remember organising an Open Day with the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, who help people who can’t afford their vet bills. They only run on donations so we wanted to help them raise as much money as possible, we donated food and drinks, advertised the event in store and got the local press involved and they raised a lot of money. I think giving back to the community and being part of the local family, that’s what makes me proud to work here.”