What Are The Advantages of Working in a Supermarket for Students?

supermarket student

Supermarkets are a leading provider of part-time student jobs. There are many reasons behind this – these places of work often offer flexible short-term or part-time contracts that are easy to fit around term times and lectures.

However, there are many other perks to student supermarket jobs that make them so desirable.


Many university students who are keen to become employable will be eager to reduce the number of gaps in their employment history. Those who worked throughout Uni will be more likely to impress a future employer – plus, there’s a great deal you can learn while working a student supermarket job.

As a team member at a supermarket, you’ll learn customer service, time management, interpersonal skills, the ability to take the initiative, and problem solve – and plenty more besides.

All of these abilities are highly transferable and will be very appealing to anyone looking through your CV in the future.


Of course, it’s rare that students can commit to full-time work. Supermarkets can offer part-time student jobs of all types, from evening and weekend work fitting around lectures and seminars to jobs during the holidays that will help you to build up your funds before the next academic year.

The flexibility of these positions means that you’ll have secure work throughout your time in higher education, gaining skills and making money while completing your qualification without schedule clashes.

Little to No Travel Costs

Most UK supermarkets have stores across the country and you’ll often find multiple outlets within the space of a couple of miles. That means you won’t need to spend valuable time and money commuting to work, leaving you more opportunities for socialising and studying.

At any one time, there are a great number of Sainsbury’s stores across the country looking to hire students.

Pay and Perks

Of course, for any student looking at supermarket jobs, the advantages include pay. Despite the much-appreciated student loan, living can be very expensive while in full-time education.

Part-time student jobs have always been popular due to the fact that those who take them up are more likely to graduate from university or college in a more financially stable position – as they will have been gaining an income throughout their studies.

Along with your salary, if you work in a supermarket you may also receive staff discount on your weekly shop. At Sainsbury’s, employees who have worked in any store for more than 12 weeks are eligible for a 10% discount. They can also get 25% off Habitat homeware and furniture and can nominate a second user for their card as long as the two can prove that they live together.

Career Development

Taking on part-time work while at university or college can help you to develop valuable skills to pad out your CV, but that is not the extent of its value.

Sainsbury’s offers a variety of university and college graduate opportunities such as career development steps and promotions. As a result of your part-time role, you’re likely to find it much easier to progress into management or any other advanced position within the company for which you work once you graduate. Your student supermarket job could be the start of a huge and exciting career!

There are no specific qualifications that you need to be able to work in a supermarket – though to sell alcohol you must be over 18. Recruiters often look for good numeracy and communication skills and some may ask for GCSEs (or any equivalent qualifications) at grades 9 to 4 (or A* to C), including English and maths – but this isn’t a given.

If you’re looking for opportunities during the holidays or an opportunity to support yourself while studying full time, a supermarket may be a great place to apply. You’ll develop skills that will be invaluable for your future career, you’ll enjoy highly flexible hours that will fit around your studies and terms, you’ll save a great amount of travel time and expenses, you’ll make money while you study and your career will receive a huge boost.

Supermarket positions can be highly practical for students, so sending in an application can open some very exciting doors for you.

To check out the available positions at a Sainsbury’s branch near you, simply take a look at our recruitment site today.