Assessment Process

Everything we do is about giving you ample opportunity to shine. And that includes our recruitment process. Here’s what happens during it – from the moment you apply, to the moment you’re hired.


Search online

Click apply.


Complete your details

Now, fill in your details. For some roles we may ask you to upload documents. (If we ask for a CV make sure it’s organised and up to date).


Online assessment(s)

Next, we might also ask you to complete one or more online assessments. This could include a verbal or numerical reasoning test, a personality questionnaire or a situational judgement test.


Next steps?

Then, we’ll let you know if you’re through to the next stage. This will usually be via email.


Your interview

And if you have been selected for interview, nice work! For a retail role, we’ll ask you to schedule an interview online, and for Store Support Centre roles, someone from our recruitment team will be in touch to arrange an interview with you.


We'll be in touch

It won’t be long before we get in touch to let you know the outcome of your interview and next steps.


Final stage assessment

We might invite you to a second interview or assessment stage (this is usually only for our Store Support Centre roles). This could include an exercise such as a presentation or case study – something that’s relevant to the role you’re applying for.


Decision time!

Our recruitment team, or the store you’ve applied to, will soon be in touch to let you know the outcome. If we feel you’re a good match for the role, then we’ll offer you the job and your contract will be sent through to you via email. Hooray! (With our retail roles, you’ll need to accept within 3 days).