Digital, Tech, and Data

You’re a digital, tech or data specialist. You live, play, chat, problem solve and communicate using tech. After all, you don’t go online. You live online. So why the heck would you choose to work for a 150-year-old retailer?

We’re on a journey – testing, experimenting, learning. We’re bringing digital, tech and data together like never before so our unmatched resources can power each other to even greater achievements tomorrow.

There are thousands of experts to talk to and learn from here. We’ve got data from billions of transactions for our teams to play with. Things get built here. They get made here. They hit customers and colleagues quickly.

It’s why we’re changing the way we operate. Learning to think nimble. Giving our teams the time and freedom they need to push boundaries. To create amazing systems and technologies.

If we combine the nimble thinking of a start-up with our size, influence and wealth of experience and knowledge, we can create a unique kind of rational magic. After all, 70% of people in the UK use our tech. We distribute deliveries at record speeds. We fill millions of food cupboards each year.

Our new approach, backed with big-business influence and knowhow, is precisely why we’re looking for talented professionals to join our journey.