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I need to reset my password to log in

You can reset your password yourself simply by pressing the “Forgotten your password” button, and then waiting for an e-mail confirmation which may take up 20 minutes to come through. Please do not try to reset it again as this may cause an error to occur.

I am having technical difficulties with my application

Please telephone Recruitment Enquiries on 0345 602 3860 where we will be able to provide further assistance.

When will I hear if my interview has been successful?

You will hear back once all interviews for the role have been completed, and the hiring manager has updated our recruitment team.

What referees do I need to provide with my application?

Please provide the contact details for 2 referees. The referee can be a previous or current employer, academic or personal but please be aware that we do not accept family and friends as referees.


Contact Sainsbury’s

I wish to make a complaint about the Sainsbury’s online recruitment process

You can write to us:

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd 
33 Holborn

You can telephone us:

Telephone Recruitment Enquiries:
0345 602 3860