How Many Points Can You Have on Your Licence to be a Delivery Driver?


To become a delivery driver at Sainsbury’s, you must have no more than six points on your licence.

Delivery driver jobs involve transporting goods from a base or depot to the properties of the individuals who have ordered them.

They are varied and diverse roles that involve teamwork, concentration and a good amount of responsibility. A friendly nature is key when speaking to individuals receiving their orders, so a love of customer service is a must!

If you’re wondering how to be a delivery driver, you may have a few questions to ask before you decide to actively pursue this career. For example: what exactly does the position involve? How can I apply? 

Here, the our recruitment team will explain everything – from a basic person specification to a list of what you’ll need to begin your delivery driver application.

What’s Involved In A Delivery Driver Job at Sainsbury’s?

Taking on a delivery driver position means that every day will be different. You’ll work with a strong team of supportive colleagues and meet a variety of customers – all of whom will look to you as a representative of your brand.

At Sainsbury’s, delivery driver jobs involve collecting and delivering products such as groceries, home essentials, clothing, health and beauty products and other goods that have been ordered by customers from the company’s website.

First of all, you’ll pick up all the items for delivery from a warehouse attached to your assigned store. You’ll then check in with your Online Assistant, ensuring that everything about the order – including vehicle information – matches the details provided for each delivery.

You’ll be in charge of arranging your deliveries in a suitable order and planning your route in a way that complements this best and ensures that all drop-offs are made on time.

Of course, it’s important that you always know exactly which delivery needs to be taken to which property and that all addresses are correct before you set off.

You need to be able to confirm that every delivery has been successful – so you’ll be tasked with asking for signatures at each household, usually electronically, using a handheld computer. 

You should also include an invoice with each drop-off. This will list the products that have been ordered along with a breakdown of the costs and their total – plus any substituted items.

If there are any substitutes, you should draw the customer’s attention to them and ensure they are suitable.

On occasions where the customer is not at home to accept a delivery, you’ll need to return the items in question to the relevant store.

Finally, you need to electronically update delivery records and notify your employers of all mileage you’ve covered and the fuel you have purchased throughout your shift.

How Many Points Can I Have On My licence?

If you intend to apply for any Sainsbury’s delivery driver jobs – whatever their location – you need to have fewer than six points on your licence.

Your employer has to be confident in you as a driver. It’s important that they know they can trust you to drive and perform your other duties carefully and sensibly, and that there is no chance that you will lose your licence – as this will mean you can no longer deliver for them. 

Your safety and that of your colleagues and customers is paramount – so it’s important that your managers know that you’re a careful driver who obeys the law.

Can I Apply For A Driver Delivery Job at Sainsbury’s?

There are a number of criteria that you must meet when applying for any and all Sainsbury’s delivery driver jobs. As we’ve just mentioned, the first of these is that you have below six points on your licence.

You must also have had a full UK/EU/EEA driving licence for at least a year before you will be considered, as it’s important that all drivers are suitably experienced.

We hire drivers who are safe and courteous on the roads. Their manner with customers must be excellent, and customer service should be something that they enjoy. Good communication skills and a cheerful, fun disposition are always a bonus too!

Sainsbury’s delivery drivers must have strong common sense and be able to take the initiative and problem solve. As with any customer-facing role, you need to be able to stay calm under pressure too.

If you’re wondering how to be a delivery driver with Sainsbury’s, the answer is simple – just apply online now. Click here to access our dedicated driver recruitment page.

As mentioned, you must have less than six points on your driving licence – and you need to have held that licence for over a year – if you wish to become a delivery driver.

The position is fulfilling, with a strong focus on teamwork, customer service and the ability to take the initiative.

Apply for delivery driver positions right here today!