Corporate Services

Our teams within Corporate Services are at the heart of our vision to be the most trusted retailer. Striving for excellence across our Group, here’s where we protect our reputation, and make sure we’re respected for being closer than anyone to our colleagues, customers and regulators.


We’ve seen big changes since we’ve taken on Argos, Habitat and Nectar. It makes keeping the Sainsbury’s experience consistent for everyone more challenging and more important than ever. And this is where our Corporate Services teams have a huge part to play.

Within this division, Group Legal provides key legal aid on all aspects of our operations, across five exceptional specialist teams. Equally as important, our Shareholder and Data Governance teams work across different business areas to deliver the General Data Protection Regulation, gold standards in corporate compliance and satisfy shareholder needs.

No less critical, it’s the job of our Group Safety and Insurance teams to set policy and standards for food safety, health and safety and fire safety, across Sainsbury’s Group. And who helps to make instrumental decisions consistently for our Group? Our Company Secretariat team.

It’s all pretty fundamental stuff that underpins our vision and is essential to get right first time, every time.