Property and Facilities Management

​Creating marvellous spaces in wonderful places. Our Property and Facilities Management teams are making a positive difference to the world we work and play in, one brick at a time.

In this part of our operation, community is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s the local communities that we serve, or our colleague community, we make sure that any ideas for our stores, warehouses or support centres, are built with them all in mind, especially our customers.

Within Property you’ll be expected to find the right location for a store, buy it or lease it, build it, all with a view to serving the local community better. Delivering quality locations at the right cost that help us delight customers and maximise sales. And when our existing stores need a bit of a spruce up from time to time, you’ll oversee that too, working really closely with areas like marketing and store design to ensure we’re delivering great places where people love to work and shop.

Our Facilities Management teams then make sure that everything in our spaces runs without a hitch (and when there is a hitch, fixes it sharpish). From building maintenance to incident reporting, this is an area that makes sure everyone is healthy and happy whilst they’re with us. Lovely stuff.

In this area whichever part of our community you’re serving, you’ll be building for our success and with plenty of opportunities for development, you’ll be building for your own too.