Engineering & Architecture

In Engineering and Architecture, the work we’re doing decides the way we shop tomorrow.

They are transforming the technology that underpins our multi-brands, moving from batch-based systems to service and event-driven solutions. Meanwhile, our architects are working with engineering teams to design a modern eco-system fit for today and the future. Giving our teams the time and freedom they need to push boundaries. To create amazing systems and technologies.

We use over hundreds of products and services across our multi-channels and brands, and we’re developing more all the time. And the new platforms we’re building, with a cloud first approach and automation at the forefront, are transforming everything we do as a business.

For our customers this means we’re revolutionising the touch-points and services that underpin their journeys with us – from the technology that drives our websites, and the shopping experience inside our stores, to the mobile services they can access on-the-go.