Sainsbury's Tech Jobs

Information Security

In the right hands, technology is the differentiator in the world of retail. In our hands, it’s making our multi-brand business a seriously major player. Our Information Security division is here to keep it that way.

Our security experts secure and monitor every aspect of what we do. They make sure each product reaches our customers securely, and at the fast pace they’ve come to expect.

From our petrol stations to our ATM networks, and from cloud computing to point of sale, mobile apps, logistics and warehousing. And the list is only growing.

We’re investing heavily in upgrades and using innovation to bring joy to our customers in new ways. It feels like important work, because it is. We’re setting security standards for tomorrow – for new technology, and for retail.

Our Architecture and Product Owners are taking the security technology roadmap to the next level. They’re constantly reviewing our ability to prevent, detect, respond to and recover in all environments.

Our Security Assurance Analysts are helping to build in security, within our scrum teams. Meanwhile, our Security Operations team is detecting and responding to any security incident. They’re also making great recommendations so we can improve.

To shine in any of these roles, you should be comfortable working in a nimble way. And, naturally inquisitive as well as analytical, not only can you view problems from all angles, you know exactly which questions to ask to solve them.

Working in a business such as ours, you’ll gain unparalleled exposure to diverse technologies. Crucially, you’ll help to maintain exciting momentum that’s unmatched elsewhere.

In return for your commitment, you’ll enjoy genuine autonomy to innovate, experiment, test and learn. And, since security is so important to us, you’ll earn respect and responsibility from day one.