Whether its berries from Brazil or a marinade from Manchester, our Buying teams scour the globe to offer our customers the latest, greatest, tastiest food on the market.

Fast food has a different meaning in our Buying team. For them making sure our customers get the best possible products on the market, means making fast decisions and always being one step ahead, spotting opportunities where others don’t.

By using lots of data and insights they get to know our customers’ tastes inside out and, with that knowledge, find products that will really knock their socks off. From time to time they also surprise them with new and exciting things to try.

Of course to find all these brilliant products and get them onto our shelves, we need to make sure we’ve got all the right people in all the right places across the world. That’s why our buyers and category planners spend their days sourcing products, working on global deals with our supplier base and creating strong working relationships with them so we can bring our customers the best products at the right price – without compromising on quality.

To be in our Buying team you’ve got to be in the know, keeping up to date with changes in our customers’ behaviours and shopping patterns and introducing them to the latest in food innovation. You’ve also got to be a real team player, possess stellar communication and negotiation skills and be prepared to get out in the field (quite literally) to find the flavours to bring back to our stores.