Supply Chain

Providing great availability for our customers whenever and wherever they shop. That’s the job of our Supply Chain team – managing the flow of over 30,000 different products into 1400 stores with over 14 million stocking points. Every day.

Not too much, and not too little. It’s a fine balancing act in Supply Chain. Making sure we’ve got the right amount of stock to keep up with our customers’ demands whilst maintaining the product freshness that’s really important to our customers.

That’s where our lean mean forecasting machine comes in (and of course, you) to provide accurate insight and control and make sure we’re perfectly placed to identify cost-savings, create more efficient processes and overall make a difference to the sales and profit line of the business.

We also work really closely with Buyers through our Insights and Strategy team, to help transform the way we buy all of our products. Which means we’re not only making a difference to sales, but helping to maintain product quality, freshness and deliver efficiency to support all of our commercial teams.

To join us here you’ll need to be great with numbers and analytics, working at the heart of our cross functional category teams with multiple stakeholders internally and externally, and have great verbal and written communication skills.