Food Innovation and Agriculture

​Fancy being our Head of Strawberriliciousness? Or how about Captain of Crumbtastic? Ok, our Food Innovation and Agriculture team doesn’t quite offer titles like this, but join us here and you’ll still be in charge of making our food taste delicious, whenever it lands on our customers’ plates.

Ensuring our Sainsbury’s Brand products have the right crunch, munch, zing, zest and sizzle takes a talented bunch of folks. With around 17,000 farmers and growers, more than 2,000 suppliers and 10,000 products it’s a huge operation. You could say as huge as our love for amazing food, but not quite.

Made up of Technologists, Researchers, Quality Inspectors and Food Science specialists, we’re always sourcing and exploring how we can develop our existing ranges, and inspire brand new concepts to delight our customers. And we’re on a mission to do things better than anyone else, whilst still staying true to our roots. After all, Sainsbury’s Brand has built up a reputation over the last 150 years for quality, taste, welfare and sustainability and we’re absolutely positively committed to maintaining that. Whether it’s mushy peas or blue cheese, fresh, frozen or tinned goods.

We’re always on the hunt for the extraordinary, in our products and our people. Which means there’s never a typical day. We meet with suppliers, growers, chefs and farmers in the quest for market leading quality, and we’re always looking for more extraordinary people to join us. If you’ve got a passion for great food and a super keen eye for detail, check out our roles then come join us in our fields, farms and factories. (And don’t forget your wellies.)