Retail Managers

‘Wow!’. Three little letters and an exclamation mark. And yet, we love ‘Wow!’. To us, ‘Wow!’ never gets old. Because it’s how we want people to feel every time they shop with us. It’s a small moment of surprise that maybe — just maybe — could make someone’s day. It’s unrestricted joy. And yes, it’s a big goal for a retailer that’s been around since 1869, but it’s our goal. And we need more colleagues who believe in making ‘Wow!’ happen for our customers. See anything you like below?

Lead with your heart. Now recruiting Retail Lead Managers.

If you can coach, motivate and guide your team to deliver their best work for our customers, you’ll love it here. And while having retail experience is nice, it’s not everything. Because you know what beats experience? Leading with your heart and getting stuff done. Go on — you’ve got this.

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Good at having your fingers in many pies? Now recruiting Retail Managers.

You know you’ve found the right role when it comes naturally to you. Sure, there are always things you can learn and work on, but if you can make everything run like butter, all while motivating your team and ticking off those operational things on your to-do list, you’ll be great.

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Make Wow! happen as a Customer and Trading Manager.

‘Wow!’ isn’t something we take lightly. It’s what we aspire to each time a customer does their shopping at Sainsbury’s. And, given millions of customers do so every day, you can imagine we’ve had our fair share of ‘Wow!’ along the way. If you can run shifts efficiently, build a great team and wow our customers with an excellent store experience, you’ll love it here.

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