Store Management

A team is only as good as its leaders — and that’s where you come in. Because Store Management at Sainsbury’s is less about ticking stuff off a list and more about working your magic in order to lead, transform and improve the store experience for our customers. After all, you don’t get from a small shop in 1869 to one of the nation’s most loved retailers without making the everyday just a little magical.

Work your magic as a Sainsbury’s Store Manager

Our Store Managers might as well be called Joy Managers, given their dedication to making our customers happy every time they shop with us. If you can empower your team to build an even better retail experience for everyone, then you’re in the right place.

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Your opportunity to shine as an Argos Store Manager

We wrote the book (OK, the catalogue) on online shopping and we’re one of the top three most visited e-commerce websites in the UK for a reason. But we also have high expectations to live up to in our physical stores — and capable Store Managers like you are a big part of exceeding those expectations in order to deliver a seamless retail experience for our customers. Are you in?

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Deputy Store Manager: your most rewarding challenge yet?

Helping to make Sainsbury’s the nation’s first choice for everyday shopping is a big goal — but also one we believe in unconditionally. After all, it’s why we have a team of experts like our Deputy Store Managers to make shopping run smoothly for every single customer. Easy? Definitely not. Rewarding? You bet.

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